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Blockchain for Business

Construction, Real Estate, and Facility Management

The situation today

Connecting the Built Environment


The Construction, Real Estate, and Facility Management industries define the Built Environment, which revolves around properties and assets.

There are many players in this field.

All stakeholders hold different interests during each stage of the Built Environment lifecycle.




There are a lot of disconnected stakeholders


Every day millions of activities and transactions costing billions of dollars are carried out through a multitude of interlinked supply chains in the built environment.

People and organizations around the world use a multitude of automated and manual unsynchronized systems and methods for asset tracking and management.

This makes it impossible to keep an accurate, up to date, searchable inventory of physical assets and a trustworthy log of activities and transactions through the lifecycle.

The most common means of communication are still phonecalls and e-mails

Offices are filled with files, folders, papers, removable media…

The main challenge is a timely and reliable exchange of information between parties and systems.

Miscommunication leads to many inaccuracies

Resulting in higher costs and lower efficiency:

  1. Going over budget and over schedule
  2. Delays due to dispute resolutions
  3. Wasted resources fixing errors
  4. Loss of trust between stakeholders


What must be done?

A solution that allows different parties to exchange important data without changing their current in-use systems. 

To understand each other, everyone needs to speak the same language following a universal standard.

Relevant data must be shared and be easily accessible to authorized parties but stay in their original databases. 

The integrity of data must be preserved – no third parties can be allowed to make any changes while it is in transit.

Data must remain confidential during its journey, protected from unauthorized eyes.

BRUCE Platform meets all these requirements and more.

This Digital Automated Information Exchange Platform opens up new possibilities to improve the industry through innovation.

And instead of this...

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