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What can I do with BRUCE Platform?


Maximize collaborative functionality in your products.

Develop following international standards and therefore

…minimize risk and effort when creating essential infrastructural solutions.


Build solutions on BRUCE Platform

The essence of a Platform Business is to permit third parties to develop solutions and offer their services.

BRUCE Solution Providers engage with the BRUCE Partner package, which includes an SDK to build applications.

BRUCE Solutions and Smart Services will be developed and offered by BRUCE Partners.

The built Solutions and Smart Services will be published in a catalog on BRUCE Marketplace, so that BRUCE Members can purchase them to add to their BRUCE environments.

BRUCE SDK offers the essential building blocks to built solutions and applications of BRUCE Platorm.


Read more about what the BRUCE Partner engagement package includes.

1. Faster Go-to-Market time

2. Easily create synergy between different solutions

2. Create recurring incomes


Some examples of what you can create 

The limit is your imagination

Build and provide services to embed in Smart-Contracts.

 i.e. algorithm or micro-service to allocate resources – Smart Calendar

Provide data sets or adaptive cards to define additional functionalities of assets

i.e. create specifications for manufacturer catalogs.

Provide Connector templates

i.e. connecting Archibus software to BRUCE, or connecting R8 system to BRUCE,…

Provide a full solution or e-service

i.e. procurement solution integration; insurance litigation support; international coordination for contracts; automatic reaction on an event & delivering work orders to respective parties. 

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