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Much of the Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management industry is still analog — that is about to change.

Business leaders in the built environment face great challenges and new opportunities in the years ahead. The next revolution will come from the digital world.

Think ahead. Think innovative.

Participate in the revolution of the Built Environment

Become a BRUCE Reseller

Construction, Real Estate, and Facility Management companies around the globe are looking for a solution like BRUCE Platform.

BRUCE Resellers can:

  • Define their own markup
  • Become a part of BRUCE Global Network
  • Get certified with BRUCE Partners’ Certification Program
  • Get access to manuals, best practices, knowledge base, procedures, etc.

Become a BRUCE Solution Provider

Maximize collaborative functionality in your products, minimize risk and effort when developing solutions.

BRUCE Solution Providers will get:

  • Welcome & Training materials
  • BRUCE Partners’ Certification Program
  • Access to manuals, best practices, knowledge base, procedures, etc

BRUCE Solution Providers can:

  • Build and provide services to embed in Smart Contracts
  • Provide data sets or adaptive cards to define additional functionalities for assets
  • Provide connector templates
  • Provide a full solution or e-service
  • And more…