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What can I do with BRUCE Platform?


Get quick access to customer asset data for specific work purposes. 

Maintain and track your own relevant information on a safe, automatically synchronized common platform,

…which allows accurate and secure data exchange with all involved parties.

OSP (Outsourcing Service Provider)

Automatically syncronize assets' relevant information with other parties

When entering the changes you made to assets while providing services (like maintenance, cleaning services or repairs), other parties’ systems will be automatically synchronized with updated information .

The automatic synchronization between systems is based upon Smart Contracts. 

Rent out your assets

You can rent out your own assets or use BRUCE Platform to book other Members’ assets.

Including rooms, equipment, buildings. This will require a Smart Contract related to the asset that allows it to be booked and rented to other Members (Renting and Booking Assets Contract). 

Receive work requests

Receive tickets and allow real-time tracking of work orders related to Assets existing Preventive Maintenance and/or Corrective Maintenance works.

e-Sign Transactions

Send or receive important messages or transactions with an embedded e-Signature.

For example, e-Signatures can be required:

  • to confirm that you have received an Asset (for Procurement and Move workflows) or
  • to confirm the acceptance of an executed Work Request.

Send or receive payment

Send or receive payment for works, services or renting within BRUCE Platform. 

Getting connected to BRUCE Platform

You can choose one of the following engagement packages: BRUCE Basic, BRUCE Premium and BRUCE Enterprise. 


I already have an existing CAFM/IWMS/... system

and I would like to connect to BRUCE Platform.

I don't use any software to manage my assets

or I am not happy with the solution I have right now.

BRUCE Connector

Connect your existing system to BRUCE Platform.

Information within your currently in-use systems will be automatically updated and synchronized with other parties.

BRUCE Client

Manage your properties and assets

For many years we have been working with facility managers from companies varying in size, revenue and, technological advancement. We know their day-to-day tasks, including smaller inconveniences and bigger problems.

BRUCE Client is a property and asset management software that was created with the help of facility managers.

Get BRUCE Client with an embedded BRUCE Connector and manage your assets more efficiently than ever.

Want to find out more? Request a Demo.