Construction industry success stories are all about efficient and successful communication between all stakeholders!

What if you could have a system that Sends and Synchronizes crucial information in semi-automatic way when needed, almost as simply as e-mail transfers your information?

This is what BRUCE Platform auto-magically makes for you:

1) Structuring information and/or transactions by:

– Activities

– Related to a Contract

– Bound to an Asset

– Sharing its location to related parties

– Securing information by understanding the role and rights of everybody (BRUCE Member) in the transaction

2) Keeping all involved parties synchronized and informed

3) Your messages (BRUCE’ Transactions) are legally enforced:

– Authenticated and signed when sent and received (accepted by receiver)

– Time-stamped and immutable (Blockchain for Business)

– Handling a global standard language for:

* Types of Asset
* Types of Contracts / Services
* Types of Activities / Transactions acceptable by every type of Contract
* Types of Documents or Information extensions attachable to any transaction


Slow and inconsistent information exchange in the field(s) of Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management between stakeholders leads to higher costs & low efficiency. Most parties are already using their CAFM/IWMS/AMS system, but these systems are not „talking to each other“. Currently information exchange is manual and its mostly duplicated between isolated systems. Information inaccuracy and non-transparency lead to heightened costs.

High costs & low efficiency related to collaboration / data exchange between all C, RE & FM stakeholders due to:

  1. Consolidation of data being messy, time-consuming (and nearly impossible)
  2. Information inaccuracy
  3. Non-transparency (corruption)

Currently in the Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management industry, information doesn’t flow automatically between stakeholders through the building lifecycle.

Most of stakeholdres are already using their CAFM/IWMS/AMS system, but these systems are not “talking to eachother”.

Nowadays, information about one element – property or asset – is mostly manually duplicated between isolated systems. Additionally, in most cases information is exchanged using phone calls or e-mails.

There is no common platform for data exchange.

Today’s Status Quo

There are many stakeholders related to buildings and properties: an asset or property has an owner – a landlord; then there is also the promoter, the government (officer), designers (architects, engineers), builders and professionals, brokers and tenants, and maintenance professionals (OSPs). Currently most of them handle their data and transactions in isolated systems, which requires a lot of human intervention in the communication and data-exchange process. The traditionally used channel is still the telephone and the best scenario is an e-mail.

There are 3 main reasons why information exchange doesn’t work:

  1. The industry standards for information exchange are not agreed upon and implemented in all the parties’ systems
  2. There are too many different systems on the market
    • Most of integrations between systems must be done between each one separately
      • This creates the need to integrate thousands of APIs of value chain partners’ systems
  3. Parties are afraid of data security risks

BRUCE Platform vision. Our solution.

BRUCE Platform will automatize information exchange during the whole life cycle of properties, infrastructure and assets, ​involving all the different parties (stakeholders) and integrating all the systems, including devices.

BRUCE Platform will establish a standard for communication to enable automatized transactions between different owners and stakeholders– connecting System to System (S2S) – by using state-of-the-art technologies currently applied in the most advanced e-Government system in Estonia (X-Road, Blockchain, Sharemind).

This will enable full, secured and trusted automatic integration of systems (BIM, CAFM / IWMS / AMS, IoT, BAS…).


BRUCE Platform

will provide a common platform and standards for data exchange to connect all the stackeholder’s data systems.

This solution is supported by innovative, but proven techologies: Blockchain, Sharemind and X-Road.

BRUCE will connect system to system and establish the rules of data exchange, protection and validation.


There is a big gap, and a need in the market for a solution like BRUCE Platform. This conclusion is made from over 30 years of experience in the field, talking to different stakeholders from all stages of the property life cycle and thorough market research.

BRUCE Platform has huge potential userbase – but we have identified three groups to target:

  • Landlords,
  • C, RE & FM Professionals: outsourcing service providers (OSPs) i.e. maintenance, cleaning services/facility managers/construction professionals, and
  • Software developers specializing in Construction, Real Estate and Facility Management solutions.
The platform has the following features and services:
Free of charge products/services:
  1. Open source Gateway, which will provide integration and registration of any system/device in BRUCE Platform, giving access to:
    • Identity Management System
    • Ecosystem management: Access & Roles by Contracts
    • Secured Infrastructure for Connectivity
    • Transactions and Processes Management
  1. Do-it-yourself Connector technology to map your existing system with BRUCE Platform
  2. BRUCE Asset Management Essential: Basic desktop application – ARCHIBUS Essential suite – to interact with BRUCE Platform in case the user doesn’t have their own system
Billed products/services:
  1. Premium Gateway for high performance environments
  2. Connector/Interface with commercial IWMS/CAFM software to be delivered and installed on-site
    • BRUCE Connector can be specific for your currently in-use IWMS/CAFM software
  3. Analytics that permit access to benchmarking and analytical information from the members of BRUCE Platform (Note that this system is based on technology which doesn’t reveal the original data source)
  4. Identity certification & timestamping transactions
  5. BRUCE Asset Management Professional: ARCHIBUS Professional suites: Professional Space & Moves, Professional Operations and Professional Assets can be deployed upon client’s request

Value proposition for our customers

Landlords will be able to keep accurate information about their assets in a safe, easy and synchronized way. All the systems of all the different parties will have automated information exchange in the buildings’ and properties’ life cycle.

Outsourcing Service Providers (OSPs), Facility Management companies and Professionals will have quick access to customer asset data for specific work purposes, as well as maintain and track their own relevant information on a safe, automatically synchronized common platform, which allows accurate and protected data exchange with all involved parties.

Software Developers will be able to maximize collaborative functionality in their products by following international standards while minimizing risk and effort. Additionally, this will accelerate delivery and “go to market” time.